Events is a collection resource, consisting of all events that are currently active. If no sale_start and sale_end dates are passed default values are used (sale_start__lte and sale_end__gte will be set to the time the request is made).

Accepted methods

  • GET: Retrieve the list of all events.

Accepted query parameters

Field name Description
merchant_name Name of company
title Title of event
subtitle Subtitle of event
sale_start Sale start date
sale_end Sale end date
event_start Event start date
event_end Event end date Name of location
location.postal_code Postal code of location City of location Country of location
genre Genre of event
artist Artist of event


Field name Type Description
item_count Integer The total number of events

Embedded resources

Example representation

    "_links": {
        "self": { "href": "" },
        "curies": [
            { "name": "shop", "href": "{rel}.html", "templated": true, "type": "text/html" },
        "profile": { "href": "", "type": "text/html" },
        "search": { "href": "{?merchant_name,title,subtitle,sale_start,sale_end,event_start,event_end,,location.postal_code,,,genre,artist}", "templated": true },
        "first": { "href": "" },
        "prev": { "href": "" },
        "next": { "href": "" },
        "last": { "href": "" }
    "item_count": 83,
    "_embedded": {
        "shop:event": [
            // ...