The order resource contains all data of the order.


You don’t have access to this resource unless you have permission to see orders.

Accepted methods

  • GET: Retrieve the details of a single order.

Accepted query parameters



Field name Type Description
uid String A machine readable id for this order, used in communication with the API.
reference String A human readable id for this order, used in communication with consumers.
external_reference String 32 character field for your own purpose.
redirect_url String 255 character field for redirecting clients back to your site, this overrides the default redirect_url set in the backoffice.
created_date Datetime The date and time the order was created.
status String The status of the order. See Order statuses for the values.
product_selection List of Product selection List of products with a quantity. There is also an optional parent attribute when combo products are used.
consumer Order consumer An order consumer object, representing the consumer data as provided when placing the order.
payment_method Payment method The payment method selected when placing the order.
shipping_method Shipping method The shipping method selected when placing the order. If none is selected, the key will be included but the value will be an empty object.
product_total Amount The total value of all products.
service_costs Amount The service costs included by the merchant and Paylogic.
grand_total Amount The grand total the consumer has to pay.
external_purchases External purchase A list of external purchases.
platform_branding Platform branding Platform branding for this order.

Embedded resources

Example representation

[GET] https://shopping-api.paylogic.com/orders/87a2195h3gd162fb35c5a3dbd7bapo1l
    "_links": {
        "curies": [{ "name": "shop", "href": "https://shopping-api-docs.paylogic.com/documentation/{rel}.html", "templated": true, "type": "text/html" }],
        "self": { "href": "https://shopping-api.paylogic.com/orders/87a2195h3gd162fb35c5a3dbd7bapo1l" },
        "profile": { "href": "https://shopping-api-docs.paylogic.com/documentation/order.html", "type": "text/html" },
        "payment": { "href": "https://payments.paylogic.com?redirect=https://psp.paylogic.com/consumer/123", "type": "text/html" },
        "shop:etickets": { "href": "https://download.paylogic.com/eticket/sdfsdf235r245wsdgfw5235", "type": "text/html" },
        "shop:ordercancellation": { "href": "https://shopping-api.paylogic.com/ordercancellation", "type": "text/html" }
    "uid": "87a2195h3gd162fb35c5a3dbd7bapo1l",
    "reference": "525743",
    "created_date": "2014-05-01T12:15:00Z",
    "status": "pending",
    "product_selection": [
            "product": "https://shopping-api.paylogic.com/products/12365478654238976585643567854323",
            "quantity": 3,
            "unit_price": {"currency": "EUR", "amount": "5.45"},
            "total": {"currency": "EUR", "amount": "16.35"}
            "product": "https://shopping-api.paylogic.com/products/456ghtr45tg678fe5rf456yhgbvsw3lh",
            "quantity": 1,
            "unit_price": {"currency": "EUR", "amount": "1.00"},
            "total": {"currency": "EUR", "amount": "1.00"}
            "parent": "https://shopping-api.paylogic.com/products/456ghtr45tg678fe5rf456yhgbvsw3lh",
            "product": "https://shopping-api.paylogic.com/products/267arnr45tg984rd5rf456opshwks0ol",
            "quantity": 1,
            "unit_price": {"currency": "EUR", "amount": "1.23"},
            "total": {"currency": "EUR", "amount": "1.23"}
    "consumer": {
        "first_name": "John",
        "last_name": "Doe",
        "date_of_birth": "1986-12-30",
        "email": "john.doe@paylogic.eu",
        "gender": 1,
        "address": "Nieuwe Boteringestraat 28",
        "postal_code": "9716 JJ",
        "city": "Groningen",
        "country": "NL",
        "ip": ""
    "payment_method": {
        "uid": "ghr57d5h3gd162fb35c5a3db57ghrydg",
        "name": {"en": "iDeal", "nl": "", "de": "", "fr": "", "es": "", "pt": "", "tr": "", "ru": ""},
        "image": "https://static.paylogic.com/ideal.jpg",
        "costs": { "amount": 1.00, "currency": "EUR" }
    "shipping_method": {
        "uid": "87a5quvndhe162fb357alt872705zr2j",
        "name": {"en": "Eticket", "nl": "", "de": "", "fr": "", "es": "", "pt": "", "tr": "", "ru": ""},
        "costs": { "amount": 0.50, "currency": "EUR" }
    "product_total": { "amount": 13.50, "currency": "EUR" },
    "service_costs": { "amount": 1.50, "currency": "EUR" },
    "grand_total": { "amount": 16.50, "currency": "EUR" },
    "external_purchases": [
            "title": {"en": "External purchase", "nl": "", "de": "", "fr": "", "es": "", "pt": "", "tr": "", "ru": ""},
            "product_reference": "External purchase product A",
            "unit_price": { "amount": 50.00, "currency": "EUR" },
            "quantity": 3
    "external_reference": "CO-115",
    "redirect_url": "http://example.com/redirect_url",
    "platform_branding": {
        "company_name": "Paylogic",
        "customer_service_email": "customerservice@paylogic.com",
        "customer_service_url": "https://customerservice.paylogic.com/",
        "logo_url": "https://d3o1gek0fkek2k.cloudfront.net/static/img/logo.svg",
        "privacy_url": "https://go.paylogic.com/privacy-policy/",
        "terms_url": "https://go.paylogic.com/terms/",
        "display_powered_by": true,
    "_embedded": {
        "shop:product": [
            // ...
        "shop:ticket": [
            // ...

Order statuses

Status Description
Pending We are waiting for the payment to arrive.
Completed The payment has arrived.
Canceled The order is canceled and no longer valid.