Ticket Transfer Approvals


This is an optional flow and is not required.

The ticket transfer approval resource is a collection resource, where a Ticket transfer approval may be created.

In the Opt-Out model a ticket transfer approval can be created by an external party. An email with the cancellation link is sent to all consumers that own tickets in this transfer approval. The consumer can then follow the cancellation link in order to redeem his tickets after which the ticket can no longer be transferred. Every consumer can see only his or her tickets in the message, but rejecting the approval by one consumer rejects the sale for every other consumer of the approval.


You don’t have access to this resource unless you have permission to transfer tickets.


The ticket’s product must be enabled in the third-party ticket reissue point of sale.

Accepted methods

  • POST: Place a new ticket transfer approval.

POST behaviour

When POSTing to this resource, you are creating a new ticket transfer approval.

Request body schema

Field name Type Description
tickets list of Ticket List of the URIs of the tickets to be resold.


  • Tickets should be in a valid state.
  • You have permission to create ticket transfers.

Example - Create ticket transfer approval

[POST] https://shopping-api.paylogic.com/ticket-transfer-approvals/
    "tickets": [


    "_links": {
        "curies": [
            { "name": "shop", "href": "https://shopping-api-docs.paylogic.com/documentation/{rel}.html", "templated": true, "type": "text/html" },
        "self": { "href": "https://shopping-api.paylogic.com/ticket-transfer-approvals/87a2195h3gd162fb35c5a3dbd7bapo1l" },
        "profile": { "href": "https://shopping-api-docs.paylogic.com/documentation/transferapprovals.html", "type": "text/html" },
    "uid": "87a2195h3gd162fb35c5a3dbd7bapo1l",
    "status": "approved",
    "created_date": "2014-05-01T12:15:00Z",
    "modified_date": "2014-05-01T12:15:00Z",

POST error handling

Error types

Error type codes can be used to dispatch the errors on the client side.

Type HTTP Code Description
FORBIDDEN 403 Forbidden.
NOT_FOUND 404 Not found.
BAD_REQUEST 400 Bad request.
TICKET_ERROR 400 Ticket is not in a valid state, approval is already created, or ticket’s product is not in app’s point of sale.