Release notes

The first two digits indicate the release year, the last two digits the week number.
Example: 2032 was released in week 32 of the year 2020.


  • Removed undocumentend property personalization_required from the Products resource documentation. The property will be not returned in the response in a future release. Use needs_personalization from Tickets instead.




  • Previously only valid tickets were returned by the Tickets. Added the possibility to fetch canceled, transferred and valid tickets.
  • Service costs per item in the Storefront resource, a bill for the cheapest selection is embedded to indicate the minimal shipping and payment costs.
  • Service costs breakdown in the Bill resource.


  • Added multicurrency support. Storefront, bill and order resources now accept a currency parameter.


  • Added Shipping Consumer to Shipping Method on Order and Bill POST to use a different address for delivery.
  • Bill POST resource (Bill).
  • Voucher codes support in the bill and the order resources.


  • Fix Order.payment_method not being served.
  • Add the required_consumer_fields to the PaymentMethod and the ShippingMethod served by the Bill endpoint.
  • Add needs_payment information to the Bill schema.
  • Check only for the required consumer fields when creating an Order.


  • Consumer resource documentation updated.
  • Seating restriction option added to Order POST.


  • Ticket personalization form fields updated.


  • Root resource links properly quantatived.


  • Documentation improvements.


  • Added consumer resource.
  • Added ticket consumers resource.
  • Added time_zone field to event resource.


  • It is now possible to cancel an order through the API.


  • Added personalization_start and personalization_end to Event resource.


  • Opt-out now based on list of tickets instead of single ticket.
  • API now checks on event sales end date and number of products available only to determine whether tickets can be sold.


  • Sales period added to product resource


  • Added personalization_url to Order resource if a Order needs to be personalized.
  • Added personalization_required to Products resource if personalization is required for this product.
  • Added Opt-Out functionality for Re-issuing of tickets.


  • Added possibility for users to add their own reference to an order.


  • Removed embedded product limit in event resource
  • Fixed embedded tickets in order missing if the result contained a lot of orders.


  • Added seating and entrance information to tickets resource.


  • Added possibility to create orders based on the existing tickets.
  • Added the status resource where the shopping service operational status can be monitored.


  • Combo products in Bill and Order contain a parent attribute instead of parents attribute.
  • An external purchase object is added in the API.
  • An external_purchase_amount can be specified in Bill, which will make an arbitrary amount part of it.
  • An external_purchases list can be specified when creating an Order, which would make this list of external purchases part of the Order.
  • The number of embedded products in a Event is limited to 500 products, use the Products to get all of them.


  • Support for combo products. The combo products are exposed in the Bill and the Order resources, part of the products and product_selection attributes respectively.
  • Product now contains parents attribute, which specifies the parents of this product when this is a combo product.
  • Product now contains combo attribute, which specifies the combo products of this product.
  • Improved error reporting. Error types have been added that can be dispatched on the client side. The errors are related to the bill and the creation of an order.


  • Roles and permissions are introduced to restrict access to certain resources and actions for specific applications. This is a security enhancement for the api.
  • A reference attribute is added to the representation of the Event, Order, and Product resources. It is meant to be used as a means of communication with consumers.
  • Product now contains a viewing_order attribute, which specifies its order when products should be displayed as a list. This is per event. The products in the response are also ordered by the viewing_order attribute.
  • Product now contains additional_information attribute.


  • Event now contains min_quantity_per_order and max_quantity_per_order attributes, which specify the minimum/maximum amount of products that should/can be part of a purchase to be valid.
  • Product now contains min_per_order and max_per_order attributes, which specify the minimum/maximum amount of this product that can be used in a purchase so to be valid.
  • Product now contains separately_saleable attribute which specifies if a product can be sold separately in a purchase or not.


  • Product now contains an availability attribute, which specifies the number of available products at the time of the request.
  • Permissions are added in Bill and Order to permit certain applications to sell tickets through the API.


  • Bug fixes.


  • Expose of the shipping method object. Part of the Order and Bill.
  • Bug fixing.
  • First public release of the documentation.