Cognito settingsΒΆ

The cognito settings resource contains data about external authentication with the Paylogic System. For more information, see Auth Service.

Field name Type Description
account_name string Account name displayed to fans.
aws_pool_id string AWS Pool ID, e.g. eu-west-1_bsJrc1d8.
aws_region string AWS Region, e.g. eu-west-1.
frontend_app_client_id string AWS App client ID for a frontend client without secret, e.g. 1724iv4qaa49e8bfsd7rfq57ad.
aws_cognito_domain url AWS Cognito Domain, e.g.
paylogic_app_client_id string The Client ID issued to you by Paylogic for identifying your client in the Auth Service.
auth_base_url url The base URL of the Auth Service.