An object representing facilities present at a certain location.

Field name Type Description
is_indoor Boolean Whether the event has an indoor component or not.
is_outdoor Boolean Whether the event has an outdoor component or not.
number_of_visitors Number The number of expected visitors.
event_homepage String (URI) The homepage of the event.
door_policy_and_dresscode I18N A description of the door policy and dresscode
additional_information I18N Additional information about the facilities present at the event.
wardrobe_and_lockers_description I18N A description about any wardrobe and lockers at the event.
has_wardrobe Boolean Whether there is a wardrobe present or not.
has_lockers Boolean Whether there are lockers present or not.
accessibility I18N Information about the accessibility at the event.
is_accessible_for_disabled Boolean Whether the event is accessible for disabled people or not.
requires_id Boolean Whether access to the event requires a valid ID or not.
minimum_age Number The minimum age required to enter the event.