An object that contains information about an order’s refund.

Field name Type Description
uid Number The uid of the refund.
status String The current status of the refund.
amount_breakdown Refund amount breakdown The breakdown of the refund amount.
direct_refund_status String The status of this refund in a direct refund procedure. See Direct refund statuses.
created_at String The date and time the refund was created in UTC format.
last_updated String The last date and time the refund status was changed in UTC format.
refund_request String (URI) The refund request associated with this refund.

Direct refund statuses

Status Description
not_initiated Direct refund procedure not initiated (the email inviting the fan to enter bank details was not sent).
details_not_submitted The email sent but the fan has not yet submitted his/her bank details.
details_submitted The fan has submitted his/her bank details.